Episode 4 - DEADPOOL: Ajax Loves Deadpool

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Well, hello gorgeous. Some of the best love stories start with a murder. And that's exactly what this is, a love story. But not the love story you think. Torvald's going to prove that Deadpool is all about a man who can't feel anything, falling for a man who can survive anything. Now before we begin, I just have one question for you. What's my name?

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My theory

On the surface, Deadpool is the story of Wade Wilson. A troubled mercenary who was diagnosed with cancer, left his girlfriend, underwent experimental mutation treatment, and then had to fight to get her back.

But in reality, Deadpool is not a love story about Wade and his girlfriend Vanessa. On the contrary, Deadpool is an unrequited love-tragedy starring Francis (otherwise known as “Ajax”). A cold, heartless man who is literally incapable of feeling anything at all. Except, that is, when Wade “Deadpool” Wilson says his name. The raw emotions and turmoil inside him, a phenomenon which only Deadpool can trigger, lead him to fall head-over-heels for the Merc with a Mouth. And Ajax would do anything, just to hear Deadpool say his name one last time.

This may sound outlandish, even completely made-up. You may be sitting there thinking “what movie did this guy even watch?” But hear me out. There is plenty of evidence in the movie to back up everything I’m claiming, and in fact, you will find that this interpretation of the movie is far more rich and rewarding than a surface-level viewing, and even clears up many of the plot holes and character inconsistencies.

When and why did Ajax start to fall for Deadpool?

When Deadpool first enrolls in the experimental mutation project, Ajax proudly declares that he can “no longer feel anything.” Directly afterwards, Deadpool makes a quip about “something in your teeth,” eliciting a smile and even a silent chuckle from Ajax. Deadpool makes him feel something.

I believe this was the start. The spark of Ajax’s feelings for Deadpool. Later on, when Deadpool reveals that he has learned Ajax’s real name, Francis, this is the breaking point. Ajax can’t hide his feelings. Anger. Hate. Love. It doesn’t matter. His face suddenly changes, he glares. He hates Deadpool, he’s annoyed by Deadpool, and he wants more of Deadpool! This is the first time in a long time this dead-inside man has really, truly felt something. And what triggered it? Deadpool saying his name.

Soon after this, begins the repeating phenomenon of Ajax asking Deadpool “What’s my name?” He wants to hear that word come from Deadpool’s lips, he craves it. He needs to feel that spark of anything that he only feels when Deadpool says his name. He becomes obsessed with Deadpool. And from this point on, Ajax’s life spirals out of control and begins to revolve around his new love.

What’s my name?

Ajax asks Deadpool to say his name four times in this movie. The first time is when Ajax is about to lock Deadpool back in the vacuum chamber. He leans in close to Deadpool before closing the door and says: “Quick question… What’s my name?”

Deadpool doesn’t answer, just glares.

Ajax withdraws disappointedly: “...Didn’t think so.”

What he wants from Deadpool is only to hear his name again. He wants to feel. He was truly disappointed that Deadpool didn’t grant his request.

The second time is at the end of Deadpool and Ajax’s big fight as the lab burns down. Ajax finishes the fight. Knocks Deadpool out, runs him through with rebar, spikes him to the ground, bends the top into a hook to prevent any escape. Ajax then leans down to face dazed Deadpool, and asks: “What’s my name?” as Deadpool loses consciousness.

The third time is right before the big, final showdown of the movie. Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Colossus arrive at the scrapyard to confront Ajax, and save Vanessa. Ajax sees them approaching. He stands, spreads his arms and shouts from the top of the ship: “Wade Wilson! What’s my name!?”

Deadpool answers: “Oh I’m about to fucking spell it out for you.”

(More on this later…)

And the final time is right at the end of the movie. Deadpool and Ajax have beaten each other to a pulp. Deadpool then discovers that Ajax can’t fix his mutated visage.

Deadpool takes out a pistol, points it at Ajax point-blank.

Deadpool: “Any last words?”

Ajax raises his head to press up against the barrel of the gun. “What’s my name?”

Deadpool mutters “Who fucking cares.”

But is this enough to prove my theory? We have definitely proven that Ajax is obsessed with hearing Deadpool say his name, but does this mean he loves him? Maybe it’s some kind of deranged power-trip, in that he wants to dominate Deadpool and force him to say his name? Not only does this make very little sense, due to the fact that Deadpool is clearly in no way afraid to say Ajax’s name. And in fact, he learned Ajax’s name against Ajax’s wishes, which in a way makes Deadpool the dominant one.

Dialogue that supports my theory

There is more evidence to back up my theory that Ajax is obsessively in love with Deadpool, hidden within the dialogue of the movie. Every single one of Ajax’s lines throughout the movie revolve around Deadpool. Not only that, but most of them are complimenting Deadpool, or speaking fondly of him. Or, of course, asking Deadpool “what’s my name”. Whenever Ajax talks about Deadpool, it’s affectionate.

The very first time we see Ajax, when Deadpool hunts him down at the beginning, his first words to Deadpool and to the audience are: “Wade fucking Wilson. Well, hello, gorgeous.”

Later when Deadpool is undergoing the torture/therapy, he is talking to another inmate about the things they want to do before they die. Ajax walks in, and off camera faintly mutters “Oh you’re lovely.”

Immediately after this, Deadpool reveals that he knows Ajax’s real name. After a strong reaction from Ajax, he says “You are so relentlessly annoying. Won’t you do us all a favor and shut the fuck up? Or I’ll sew your pretty mouth shut.”

Later in the film, Ajax is talking to Angel Dust about Deadpool after finding out that he’s back and is killing all their men. Ajax explains that they’ll have to kill him, but then remarks “You know, it’s funny. I almost miss the fucker. I like a challenge… But he’s bad for business. Now let’s go find him.”

This is interesting, because Ajax is speaking about Deadpool so fondly and admitting that he regrets the need to kill him. Ajax straight up says that he misses and likes Deadpool, and if it weren’t for the fact that he’s disrupting their business, Ajax would let him live!

After Ajax kidnaps Vanessa, he sends Deadpool a text message:

“You want her? Come and get her. The Scrapyard, 12pm. Love, Ajax. 💩”

This is such a playful, lighthearted text message! You may think that he’s just trying to push Deadpool’s buttons. And this may be true! But… Why? Ajax doesn’t have any reason to want Deadpool to suffer! Unless of course, he’s jealous of Vanessa! Plus, he even says he loves Deadpool in the text message. He’s spelling it out for us!

At the scrapyard, when Deadpool says he’ll spell Ajax’s name out, he then proceeds to kill Ajax’s men, and spells “FRANCIS” with their bodies.

Deadpool shouts “Yoohoo!”

Ajax then turns to Vanessa: “Does he write you notes too? He’s such a romantic.”

I just love this line! It’s so unnecessary! Why is Ajax competing with Deadpool’s girlfriend for his love?? There is literally no reason for this line unless he’s jealous and madly in love with Deadpool!

Finally, when Deadpool climbs to the top of the ship and advances on Ajax, he find’s Vanessa locked in the vacuum chamber.

Ajax, referring to his kidnapping Deadpool’s girlfriend, shouts “What better way to crawl back inside that head of yours?”

Deadpool responds “Oh, you never left!”

If this was just a regular superhero/villain dynamic, why on earth would Ajax care if he’s in Deadpool’s head or not? He simply needs to kill Deadpool, to stop him from disrupting business. The only reason for Ajax to say something like this, is to show that he wants Deadpool to be thinking about him! He needs it! He’s insane with jealousy and wants to be the only one in Deadpool’s head!

Why this theory improves the movie

Don’t get me wrong, I love Deadpool. I think it’s a fantastic movie. But, at face value, the plot is SUPER flimsy. The characters and their choices make no sense.

Why doesn’t Wade just go back to Vanessa after getting cured? Is he really that shallow? Does he think she’s that shallow?

Why is Ajax fighting Deadpool at all? He knows Deadpool is basically immortal. What is his plan even, when Deadpool arrives with TWO superheroes? At the very end, when Ajax’s henchmen are all dead or unconscious, and he has the chance to escape in a big explosion, he instead decides to attack Deadpool barehanded! What possible motivation could he have?

I’ll tell you. This story isn’t ABOUT Vanessa and Wade. It’s about FRANCIS and Wade. This is the story of Ajax’s unrequited love for Deadpool, which drove him to do insane and unimaginable things to win the affection of the man he desired. And that story, I think, is a wonderfully warped and twisted love story, undeniably worthy of a place in the Deadpool universe.