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Fan-theories to make you see the movies you love in a whole new way!

Get ready for a podcast like you've never heard! We join up with the creators of your favorite movies, legendary writers and directors like Jack Epps Jr (TOP GUN, TURNER AND HOOCH), Mark Pellington (THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, ARLINGTON ROAD), Joseph Kosinski (TOP GUN: MAVERICK, OBLIVION, TRON: LEGACY), Michael Miner (ROBOCOP), Adam Green (HATCHET, FROZEN), Hans Bauer (ANACONDA, TITAN A.E.), Jim Fall (THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE) and more, to get the inside-scoop on the films you always thought you knew. We take deep-dive looks into these films, examine fan theories, explore alternate readings, collect facts and trivia, inspect each movie from every angle, interview the writers and directors as our guests on the show, and finally we present our podcast to you, so you can find out once and for all what the movie was really about!

We're two brothers. A Hollywood writer and a cybersecurity professional. We aspire to craft, dissect, and analyze the best and most entertaining film and Hollywood fan-theories for your listening pleasure. Our first-hand insider industry knowledge, unique analytical skills and investigative mindset give us the perfect tools to question everything, and make your head spin while we tear your beloved movies apart!

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Episode 31 - TOP GUN with Writer Jack Epps Jr: Was Maverick gay?

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Today we interview Jack Epps Jr, co-writer of TOP GUN! We ask him the burning questions on everyone's mind: Is Quentin Tarantino right, and the film is all a metaphor for Maverick's closeted homosexuality? And who really caused Goose's death, Maverick or Iceman? We also explore the idea that Top Gun started a cultural phenomena pervading Japanese animation and culminating in Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim! And finally, we even get Jack Epps's reaction to the beloved parody film HOT SHOTS!

Rent or buy Top Gun, listen to Quentin Tarantino's theory, and buy Jack Epps Jr's book Screenwriting is Rewriting, and follow along with us!

Episode 30 - PREDATORS and THE PREDATOR: Edwin (Topher Grace) was really a genetic-hybrid predator!

The Popcorn Isn't Real

This week we talk PREDATORS! We believe Topher Grace's character, Edwin the doctor/serial killer, is actually a human-predator genetic hybrid who was trained like a dog by the Predators and placed among the humans as a decoy, to purposefully lead them to their doom.

Rent or buy Predators and The Predator, and follow along with us!

Episode 29 - TRON LEGACY with Director Joseph Kosinski: Flynn killed hundreds and Quorra is his daughter

The Popcorn Isn't Real

We're joined by Joseph Kosinski (Director of Top Gun: Maverick and Oblivion) to talk about his film TRON: Legacy. We believe the ISOs were really humans, Kevin Flynn was responsible for killing over a hundred people, and Quorra is his actual human daughter. Let's see if Kosinski agrees...

Rent or buy TRON: Legacy, and follow along with us!

Episode 28 - WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY: Wonka the murderer, a horror movie for kids

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Today's fan theories: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a horror film?! Wonka murdered five kids and turned them into candy? Violet Beauregarde deserved to win more than Charlie did? Even if you can't believe that, at least we can all agree, Grandpa Joe was a terrible, horrible person who deserves our hate.

Rent or buy Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and follow along with us!

Episode 27 - ANACONDA and HOLES with Writers Jack Epps Jr and Hans Bauer: Demon Snake and Shared Universe

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Buckle in, because this is a big one. The snake in ANACONDA is a demon-god, worshipped by an evil priest who just wants to feel its warm embrace. And even more shocking, ANACONDA is in a shared universe with Disney's HOLES. Join us and legendary screenwriter, professor Jack Epps Jr. (TOP GUN, ANACONDA) as we unpack this crazy monster film!

Rent or buy Anaconda and Holes, and follow along with us!

Episode 26 - THE BROTHERS GRIMM: They got away with murder

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Today we discuss Terry Gilliam's 2005 film THE BROTHERS GRIMM. You probably remember this as a strange dark fantasy, but there is no magic in this film. It is actually the story of one of the greatest political assassinations of all time!

Rent or buy The Brothers Grimm and follow along with us!

Episode 25 - DEADLY WEAPON with Writer/Director Michael Miner: Kid with a Ray Gun

The Popcorn Isn't Real

This podcast takes place during the hours between midnight on Wednesday and dawn on Friday in the mind of a fifteen year old boy. We're joined by writer/director MICHAEL MINER (Robocop) to discuss his amazing 1989 cult classic DEADLY WEAPON.

Rent or buy Deadly Weapon and follow along with us!

Episode 24 - CINDERELLA: She's out of her mind!

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Today we discuss the story of a poor, mentally unstable woman who dresses up animals, hallucinates fairy godmothers and believes that she falls in love with a prince she's never spoken to. That's right we're discussing the Disney classic, CINDERELLA.

Rent or buy Cinderella and follow along with us!

Episode 23 - ROBOCOP with Co-Creator/Writer Michael Miner: American Jesus

The Popcorn Isn't Real

We chat with the co-creator/screenwriter of ROBOCOP, Michael Miner, and ask him that age-old question: Was this hyper-violent film about a robotic policeman actually an allegory for Jesus Christ?

Rent or buy RoboCop and follow along with us!

Episode 22 - MORTAL KOMBAT: Scorpion was Johnny Cage's Greatest Fan

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Today we talk about the greatest video game adaptation ever made: The 1995 film Mortal Kombat. Was Scorpion actually Johnny Cage's adoring fanboy? And was Mortal Kombat just a ripoff of Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon? FIGHT!

Rent or buy Mortal Kombat and follow along with us!

Episode 21 - THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE with Director Jim Fall: Paolo Never Lied

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Sing to me, Paolo. Director Jim Fall joins us to discuss his film: THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE. We try to convince him that the villainous, lip-syncing Paolo was NOT the bad guy! He actually never told a lie, and Isabella was the REAL villain all along! This is what dreams are made of!

Rent or buy The Lizzie McGuire Movie and follow along with us!

Episode 20 - JEEPERS CREEPERS Trilogy: The police were in on it

The Popcorn Isn't Real

The Jeepers Creepers trilogy: A horror series about a demon terrorizing a rural community, right? Wrong! This community worships the Creeper and sacrifices outsiders to appease it, unaware of the fact that the Creeper is actually an extra-terrestrial!

Rent or buy Jeepers Creepers and follow along with us!

Episode 19 - FROZEN with Writer/Director Adam Green: It was all a prank

The Popcorn Isn't Real

No one died in FROZEN. This episode we are joined by legendary writer/director/producer and host of The Movie Crypt podcast Adam Green! Listen as we try to convince him that every character actually survived his 2010 survival thriller FROZEN, and it was all just a horrible prank gone wrong.

Rent or buy Frozen and follow along with us!

Episode 18 - FREDDY VS JASON with actor David Kopp (Blake): A New Killer

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Every horror fan recognizes the iconic showdown of Freddy vs Jason. But did you know there was a third killer in that movie? We bring David Kopp who played Blake onto the podcast to discuss his characters secret murderous rampage!

Rent or buy Freddy vs Jason and follow along with us!

Episode 17 - AMERICAN PSYCHO: Bateman Imagined Everything

The Popcorn Isn't Real

The age old question: Was he really a psycho or was he just boring? Join us as we analyze the extremely dull yet utterly bizarre man known as Patrick Bateman.

Rent or buy American Psycho and follow along with us!

Episode 16 - THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES with Director Mark Pellington: We know who the Mothman is

The Popcorn Isn't Real

We've solved it. We know what the Mothman really is. At least in the 2002 film THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES. Listen to the end as we are joined by the director himself, Mark Pellington, who gives us his reaction to our crazy theory.

Rent or buy The Mothman Prophecies and follow along with us!

Episode 15 - FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR: Trapped in my Mind

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Is Flight of the Navigator just a fun 80s sci-fi for kids? Or is it the fever dream of a comatose boy with head trauma who is now trapped in his own mind?

Rent or buy Flight of the Navigator and follow along with us!

Episode 14 - HELLRAISER and EVENT HORIZON: Shared Universe, Levent Configurizon

The Popcorn Isn't Real

We watched 10 movies to bring you our most epic theory yet. We definitively link the universe of the infamous Hellraiser series to Event Horizon. Is Event Horizon one of the best sequels in the Hellraiser series? Is the whole ship a puzzle-box? And was there a cut of Event Horizon so cursed it had to be buried in a Transylvanian salt mine? We have such sights to show you.

Rent or buy Hellraiser and Event Horizon, and follow along with us!

Episode 13 - SPACE CAMP: Friends... Forever with a murderous robot

The Popcorn Isn't Real

SPACE CAMP, a fun 80s family film about kids trapped in space, trying to get back home, right? WRONG! This is actually a film about a malfunctioning robot and it's plot to kill 5 kids and their teacher in an ill-fated attempt to remain FRIENDS FOREVER.

Rent or buy Space Camp, and follow along with us!

Episode 12 - PREDATOR: Punishing Toxic Masculinity

The Popcorn Isn't Real

In today's testosterone-fueled episode, Torvald has a theory about the manly Predator and the men that it hunts. Get ready, we're about to turn this high-T horror on its head!

Rent or buy Predator, and follow along with us!

Episode 11 - STAR TREK: The Best Captain (Road Trip)

The Popcorn Isn't Real

In this special road trip episode we hold a savage debate, comparing personalities, feats, and skills to determine Star Trek's greatest captain of all time!

Rent or buy Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and follow along with us!

Episode 10 - DIE HARD: Gruber's Mole at Nakatomi (Christmas Special)

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Happy holidays! Now we have a Christmas episode. Ho. Ho. Ho. Today's theory features the greatest Christmas movie of all time: DIE HARD. Did Hans Gruber have a mole at Nakatomi? And was he planning on sacrificing most of his crew to escape? Find out in this very merry episode of The Popcorn Isn't Real.

Rent or buy Die Hard, and follow along with us!

Episode 9 - THOMAS AND FRIENDS: Rise of the Machines

The Popcorn Isn't Real

A beloved children's show? Or the chronicles of a heartless businessman, creating advanced artificial intelligence robots to take over the world? Join us as we explore the deep learning neural network in THOMAS AND FRIENDS!

Rent or buy Thomas and Friends, and follow along with us!

Episode 8 - MOANA: Well. She's dead.

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Could Disney's MOANA have a dark secret? Was the ocean really Moana's friend, or a sadistic entity bent on ending her life? Join us with special guest: Britta, archeologist extraordinaire! She'll help us dig deep to uncover the hidden truth of this movie.

Rent or buy Moana, and follow along with us!

Episode 7 - CANDYMAN: Helen was the Real Killer

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Who was the real killer in the 1992 cult classic CANDYMAN? Join Leif Eric and Torvald as they find the definitive answer. Just don't say CANDYMAN a fifth time!

Rent or buy Candyman, and follow along with us!

Episode 6 - THEY LIVE: Subliminal Messages are Controlling Your Life!

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Put on your tin foil hats everyone, today's theory is turning into a full-blown conspiracy! Torvald thinks that John Carpenter's THEY LIVE was actually a wake-up call, warning that the government has filled our media with subliminal messages! OBEY! SUBMIT! CONSUME! They're everywhere, even hidden within TV sign-off sequences!

Rent or buy They Live, watch the National Anthem sign-off video with subliminal messages, and follow along with us!

Episode 5 - PHANTASM: A Delusion of a Disordered Mind

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Today we'll be analysing an entire series, starting with the 1979 horror film Phantasm. Leif Eric has a theory that the strange and bloody reality of this series may have an even deeper and darker meaning than you ever imagined!

Rent or buy Phantasm, Phantasm II, Phantasm III, and Phantasm IV, and follow along with us!

Episode 4 - DEADPOOL: Ajax Loves Deadpool

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Well, hello gorgeous. Some of the best love stories start with a murder. And that's exactly what this is, a love story. But not the love story you think. Torvald's going to prove that Deadpool is all about a man who can't feel anything, falling for a man who can survive anything. Now before we begin, I just have one question for you. What's my name?

Rent or buy Deadpool and follow along with us!

Episode 3 - IDIOCRACY: A Blueprint for the Perfect President

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Do you know what makes a good leader? Because Torvald wants to help you cast your vote. And he's ready to prove that, hidden deep within the insightful and hilarious socio-political satire of Idiocracy, is the blueprint for the perfect President of the United States of America!

Rent or buy Idiocracy and follow along with us!

Episode 2 - SUICIDE CLUB: The Pied Piper of Tokyo

The Popcorn Isn't Real

In today's episode we delve into the dark, twisted depths of Suicide Club, the 2002 psychological horror. Leif Eric believes the film's true inspiration and origins may stem from a very unlikely source, a well-known legend all the way back from the Middle Ages!

Rent or buy Suicide Club and follow along with us!

Episode 1 - RETURN TO OZ: The Girl who Drowned

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Leif Eric and Torvald kick-off The Popcorn Isn't Real with a dark theory surrounding the 1985 children's fantasy film, Return to Oz. Eric is determined to prove that there was no happy ending, and not everyone survived Dorothy's final trip to Oz!

Rent or buy Return to Oz and follow along with us!

Episode 0 - Welcome

The Popcorn Isn't Real

Are you ready to explore the darkest secrets of your favorite movies and media? Join Leif Eric and Torvald, as we investigate the greatest fan theories out there! This episode will give you an overview of what we do, and what to expect from us.

Rent or buy The Popcorn Isn't Real and follow along with us!