Episode 30 - PREDATORS and THE PREDATOR: Edwin (Topher Grace) was really a genetic-hybrid predator!

The Popcorn Isn't Real

This week we talk PREDATORS! We believe Topher Grace's character, Edwin the doctor/serial killer, is actually a human-predator genetic hybrid who was trained like a dog by the Predators and placed among the humans as a decoy, to purposefully lead them to their doom.

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This week, we talk about the 2010 film PREDATORS! We believe Topher Grace's character (Edwin) is actually a human-predator hybrid who was trained like a dog by the Predators and placed among the humans as a decoy to lead them to their doom.

Edwin from Predators, played by Topher Grace

When the group first meets Edwin he's deliberately placed in a helpless position.

Edwin hanging from a tree

He pretends not to see them even though they are impossible to miss, directly in his line of sight.

Edwin in the swamp

He wants them to see him as weak and helpless to gain their trust.

Edwin knows about the paralytic plant Archaefructus Liaoningensis. On Earth, this is a harmless fern.

Archaefructus Liaoningensis fossilEdwin examining the Archaefructus Liaoningensis

On this alien planet, we see that it causes paralysis. The version on this planet must be some sort of alien hybrid version of this plant. How does Edwin know so much about an alien plant, unless he is a human-predator hybrid himself?

Edwin with his scalpal

Edwin constantly draws predators to the humans.

Edwin and the group

He's responsible for drawing Noland "the one that got away" out of hiding. A man so skilled he survived on the planet for years... until Edwin showed up.

Noland, played by the legendary Laurence Fishburne

Edwin's flare draws a Predator to seal Nikolai's fate.

Edwin holding a flare

Yet, whenever the predators encounter Edwin, they leave him alive. This is because he's a trained decoy, and he's doing his job.

At one point in the film, Edwin lures Isabelle into the path of the predadogs. This is the exact job of a decoy in contemporary hunting. They lure prey out into the open.

Isabelle aiming her sniper-rifle

When Isabelle attempts suicide, Edwin shouts "NO!"

Isabelle with her gun to her headEdwin shouting NO

In response to this, the Predators call off the dogs. Why? Because Edwin warned them. It's not an honorable hunt if the prey commits suicide.

At the end of the film, Edwin claims that he is one of the predators. And why wouldn't he think this? He's been raised by them, trained by them and shares some of their DNA.

The regular interpretation would have us believe he's some sort of serial killer from Earth, but this does not match up with the evidence. We see the Edwin has some immunity against the paralytic plant, as it does not effect him to the same degree as Isabelle. Why would a regular human be resistant to an alien plant?

Edwin being a decoy is the only thing that explains this resistance and explains why the predators have not killed him up to this point.

Ironically, Royce uses the predators' own decoy against them to lure the last remaining predator into a death trap.

The theory that the predators kidnapped a young human boy, raised him and combined him with predator DNA may seem outlandish. Except that is the exact plot of Shane Black's 2018 film The Predator.

The Predator promo poster

In this film, we learn that predator's regularly combine their DNA with other creatures' DNA to grow stronger. And the plot follows a super-predator trying to kidnap a young human boy.

All of this evidence combined with Edwin's strange behavior prove the fan theory. He is a trained decoy hybrid, placed with the humans to lure them into danger.